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No matter what type of home you have, how much property you own, whether you rent or own, we have the coverage to fit your needs.

Muskoka Property Coverage

Typically, the largest and most significant investment we make is in our home. Insurance for this vital element of our lives must be tailored to the unique features, risks, and value of your home. That’s why, whether it’s renewal time or you’re a new homeowner, it’s important to sit down, have a call, or chat online with one of the brokers at Les Bell Insurance Brokers to discuss the policy that’s right for you—the one that gives you most comprehensive home insurance coverage necessary at the lowest possible cost.

If you’d like us to, we’ll happily come out to view your Muskoka property. This is especially important in getting you the right coverage if your property is historical or unique in certain ways.

Property Coverage in Muskoka

Of course, home insurance isn’t just for detached houses. Drop by, message, or call us today to discuss purchasing coverage to protect your Muskoka condominium, cottage, short-term rental, or bed-and-breakfast. Your customized insurance plan can protect your home and property, including contents and additional buildings and structures.

Home insurance plans can also be customized to include coverage protection against two worrying and increasingly common by-products of our high-tech society: cybercrime losses and identity theft.

Things you should know about your home and property insurance:

  • Recreational vehicles are not covered under your homeowners policy. ATVs, tractors, watercraft, additional motors, and snowmobiles must be insured on their own.

  • All policies have limits on valuables such as jewellery and collections. Have them scheduled and you’ll have them covered.

  • Sewer back-up isn’t just for those who live in a municipality and overland water coverage isn’t just for those who live by a lake. Back-ups can occur in common septic systems, and flooding is on the rise in Ontario.
  • Any substantial renovations made to your home (finished basement, gourmet kitchen installation, etc.) should be disclosed before work begins so that in the event of a loss, you’re insured for the appropriate amount.

  • Short-term rentals may not be covered under your homeowners policy. Short-term rental insurance must be purchased.

  • Cyberattacks on computers and home devices are on the rise. Consider adding extortion, fraud, or data breach coverages.

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